Bella & LouLou

Following the successful branding of Allerston Taylor & Regency Carriages, 24a was asked to develop a visual identity and print marketing for their new spin-off business ‘Bella & LouLou’. ‘Bella’ is a stunning 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air car, setting the standard in retro wedding transport.

This was a fun opportunity to research all things mid-20th century to develop an identity to communicate this ‘American Dream’. Collaborating closely with the client we built up a Pinterest mood board of inspirational images together – from cocktail glasses to neon signage – all to inform the design.

The final logo is modern yet nods to lettering, colours and the streamlined automobile styling of the 50s era.

The branding has been been applied and extended across print marketing including flyers, business cards, triplicate booking forms and the website.

  • Bella n LouLou banner
  • Bella-n-loulou flyer
  • Bella n loulou logo