The Waddesdon Deli co.

24a was approached when the MD recognised there was a need to ‘tidy up’ and strengthen the company’s brand across all channels. The Deli’s original ‘sausage on a fork’ was overhauled into a modern, bold symbol.

24a evolved the new identity across all aspects of the business – printed loyalty cards & embroidered uniform, vehicle graphics, signage and the company’s web page; and continues to work with the Waddesdon Deli developing the brand and its marketing materials.

A small caterer with a massive reputation: The Waddesdon Deli co. grew into a thriving catering and deli business mainly through word of mouth, the new visual identity has taken the company to a new level. The upbeat, fun nature of the company management was reflected in the truthful, tongue in cheek approach to job titles on the team’s business cards written by 24a.


  • Logo design for the Waddesdon Deli co.
  • Embroidered uniform for the Waddesdon Deli co.
  • waddesdon deli logo
  • Waddesdon Deli website
  • Waddesdon Deli co. Vehicle graphics